Creative concept development

Not sure which direction to take?…We can create direction for you. We have a highly diverse and talented group of individuals who thrive on executing new and exciting concepts for you.


We are the next generation of Production Company experienced in both traditional and emerging digital markets. Whether it be for broadcast commercials, branded content, promotional material, a television series or web video... if it can be shot we can shoot it.

Post Production

Staying ahead of the technological curve we help create the content you are working on today by solving the issues of the job we will be working on tomorrow.

Our production assessment goes hand in hand with our post production assessment making sure that your project has a seamless flow through to delivery.

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Proetic Productions is an Adelaide and Melbourne based film and video production company offering a range of full production services from conceptualising, all the way through to post production and broadcast delivery.

At Proetic Productions we truly believe that the secret to achieving results is having the necessary resources to do the job, being a combination of the right equipment, the right people and the right working relationships.



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